4 Simple Blog Content Ideas | Create Articles Everyday Is Easy

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4 Simple Blog Content Ideas | Create Articles Everyday Is Easy

It seems that everyone is writing in their blogs these days. And why not, they are huge money make machines. Funny part, most people don’t know what to write about. You have a couple of good weeks – writing your ass off and then BAMMMM you hit writer’s block. It stinks, I know but there is a simple solution. With these blog content ideas, you will be writing like a champ again in no time.


Tip #1: Webinars and Wake-up Calls. First let me start by saying that you should be listening / watching these anyway. Second, they are full of information that you absorb and put down on paper in your own language. It’s the greatest, just the fact that you are listening to these resources of education/information means that you are learning something new every day. It also keeps you from being stagnant. Get one of these two for a quick learning session.

Chances are, someone else needs to know the Solution to whatever Problem you decide to write about.


Tip #2: Talk to your team / prospects and listen to what they are saying or even upline and what they are saying. Listen to the issues that they may be having. Yes even your upline will vent from time to time. Listen to what you prospects are saying objection, concerns, etc… Write about it. If you don’t know the answer to the issue, spend 10-15 minutes researching and then write about it LOL. Just like above in Tip #1, someone else will and can benefit with the solution you have come up with to their problem.


Tip #3: Reading Material. Having a book that is readily available to thumb through is an article content gold mine. Books are great because you can write in them, highlight texts, fold down the ear of the page, etc…  Again you are learning something new all the time and / or being inspired by the motivational content. The books the I recommend have to do directly with Network Marketing because that is what I Do. Book topics: Self help, motivation, instructional, how to close the sale…you get the point. Whichever topic you decide to go with, be rest assured that you won’t fun out of content.

Books I recommend:

Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S.”

Zig Ziglar “Secret to Closing the Sale”

David Schwarz “The Magic of Thinking Big”

Tips #4: Subscribe to Other People’s Blogs. This is by far the easiest. No, you aren’t plagiarizing, you are merely reading and studying someone else’s post and retelling it from your point of view. There are many time that I have finished reading someone’s article and thought to myself “That was good but, I just needed this” Or maybe the author of the article you are reading is too techie for some to understand…re-write it with your own words and make it easier to understand.


I told you blog content ideas are easy to come by, all you have to do is look around and listen, you will be given ideas all day long. Take notes and write them down. Writing articles is fun, as long as you have something to write about and by following these really simple, almost free tips, you can become that Blogging Master you want to be.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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8 thoughts on “4 Simple Blog Content Ideas | Create Articles Everyday Is Easy

  1. Etieno Etuk

    Awesome post, Steve. You’re absolutely right. Thumbing through different books in your library will give you topics and ideas about things to write on your blog. Checking through the table of content will give you an idea of some things you can blog about. Also, reading other blogs in your niche helps to take you out of writers block and gets your creative juices flowing.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Etieno, you know what’s up!

  2. Melissa Carlton

    This really took the mystery out of blogging.Now that I read this I already have ton's of ideas..Thanks for the article.

    1. admin Post author

      Great Melissa, glad I could put my “2 Cents” in LOL

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