4 MLM-Tips To Guarantee Success

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4 MLM-Tips To Guarantee Success

 It is crazy to think that over 90% of people that enter the Home Business arena, fail. Well, that’s not entirely true. You can’t fail at a home business, you either succeed or you quit. Let that marinate for a minute before go on. You will hear all kinds of advice from the people around, your upline, downline, sidelines and even people who aren’t in a home business.

I decided to make this as simple as I could because that’s me – Simple.

Check out these 4 MLM-Tips.

Take Action. I know this sounds silly but, I meet  A LOT of people in our arena that get all excited about having their own business and do absolutely nothing with it. For crying out loud, this is your future and can replace every cent you make from that J.O.B. Let’s put it this way, if you purchased a store but never put a sign up, bought a phone or told anyone about it…who is going to come? You must take action in order to be successful. The “If you build it, they will come” isn’t real life.


 Objections and Nay Says. I know that it is difficult to have people object to what you are doing, especially if you are passionate about it. This is your dream, how dare they pee on your fire. Here’s the truth about people who object. They aren’t saying no to you, just your opportunity so, don’t take it personally. This business IS NOT for everyone. Here’s another thing, most people who are giving you a hard time about your home business are working a dead end job with no future and no plan for retirement. The people who have a lot of money already, understand the business plan. Next time you are getting crap from someone, ask them what their retirement plan is. If the three letters IRA come up, remind them of that scam that robbed so many people of their retirements. When they stumble for an answer, laugh and tell them you are just messin with them.


 Pick up the phone. Oh yea, this is a tough one but an easy fear to overcome. First of take a deep breath, bring out your little sheet with all the answers so you feel better about talking and put it down. Because once you are in the trenches so to speak, you won’t remember what you wrote and will fumble and fall. This is what you do.

Go back to that very first day you signed up. Yeaaa, remember that feeling of excitement? Remember the reasons you signed up? Grasp that feeling and use that energy when you are on the phone. You will be a complete Rock Star. If someone asks you a question that you are not sure of, tell them “That’s a good question, I have a buddy that would know the answer, mind if I get him/her on the phone?”

I can tell you this, if you pick up the phone and totally screw up, you will increase your sign-ups. Why? Because you are putting a person to the business. They are going to sign with you first, business second.

Consistency and Persistency. This one drives me crazy. I have had people on my team who will go crazy for a couple of days, maybe a week and then take a couple of weeks off. Then “Remember” to start talking to people when the credit card statement comes in.

If you lay out time (1-2 hours a night 3-4 times a week) and stay consistent, you WILL be successful. It’s the way the universe works. Keep moving forward – Edison attempted thousands of inventions before he came up with “Electricity”. How many prototypes did the Wright Brothers create before they flew like a bird? Imagine if they quit after a couple of tries or after the first year or so? Man, that would have been unfortunate.


Bonus MLM-Tip: This one is something you need to know. This is not a get rich quick deal. This is a get incredibly wealthy in 24-36 months.  If you Take Action, punk the Objections/Naysayers, Pick up the Phone and Be Consistent you will make it. There is nothing hard about what we do. People make it hard by “Reinventing the Wheel”. You just need to talk to people.
Go out there with these 4 + 1 MLM-Tips and start kicking ass.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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