3 Simple Steps to Create a Massive Network Marketing Downline

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3 Simple Steps to Create a Massive Network Marketing Downline

Reinventing the Wheel: Just about every time I talk to a new representative, they have this brilliant idea that is going to sky rocket them to the top. Couple months later, they are disappointed in their results and end up quitting. For years and years Network Marketers have made millions of dollars with Network Marketing. A lot of these people did it before the internet. There is no reason to reinvent something that already works.

So I Decided to jot down these 3 Simple Steps to Create a Massive Network Marketing Downline.

 1. Be Normal: I am always asked: “How do I approach people about my network marketing company” This is a lot simpler than you may think and the answer is “Be Normal”. How would you start talking to someone that you just met or to someone that you haven’t talked to in a while? You say “What’s up, I’m Steve” or “Hey man, how have you been, whatcha been up to”… Have a normal conversation with the person, catch up, get to know each other (if they are a new friend)

Ask them questions like:

What do you do?

How long have you done that?

Do you like it?

What would you rather be doing?

Obviously, these aren’t going to be rapid fire questions but work them in. You see, you are performing an interview to see how your Network Marketing business can help them, then you present them with a possible solution to their problem.

When they ask what you do, there are a variety of answers: Health/Wellness – I help people live longer through a healthy lifestyle. Asset Business: I belong to a Silver Premiere Club, a referral business that helps people get Assets for free. And So on, you can work whatever business you are doing into it.

The more you pitch, the more “NO’s” you will get. Just be cool and work it, gently, into the conversation.


2. Stop Looking For a Leader: Ever hear this “If I could only get this one person in, I will be set”. Yea, okay. Instead of spending all your time looking for the next leader in the industry, train your team up to be leaders. Turning your focus on them will boost their confidence and make them want to be in the position that you are in. The leader you are looking for could be right under your nose. Have them duplicate what you are doing and they will have the success you have. Stop enabling your reps and teach them how to be what they want to be. Everyone, no matter what they say, wants to be Top Dog…most just need a little help getting there.

3. Host Home Parties: Arrgghhhh!!!!! LOL. Home parties are fun. If you have been in Network Marketing for any amount of time, you’ve been to them. There are a few different reasons to have your own parties. One, you are establishing yourself as the new leader on the team and that’s cool. Two, the people that you want to be in your business will feel more comfortable coming to your house over going to a stranger’s house. Three, how will your team be able to duplicate you if you aren’t following the simple steps? Getting people to your party doesn’t have to be hard either. Using “Presentation / Business opportunity / This thing you have to see” doesn’t work so much anymore. Instead try this “Hey, I’m having a party that the Govt is paying for, you should come” (because those parties are a write off) or you can get right to the point with “I know you aren’t interested but can you do me a favor and be a seat filler for me so people feel comfortable” or “Law of averages shows that 2 out of 8 people join, I need you to be one of the 8”

Here is another fallacy – You don’t need 100 people at your place. 6-8 people is awesome. Don’t forget to invite other reps. Home parties are easily duplicatable and the most lucrative. Except for a few select people, you will find out that the most successful leaders in our industry have and most likely still, host home parties.


The point I am trying to make is this, STOP MAKING IT SO HARD ON YOURSELF. Use the strategies that have been working since the beginning. Sure, you have to make some tweeks here and there but you are only changing the tire, not reinventing the wheel.

PS. Of course, don’t forget to the TWO unspoken steps to any business – Talk to everyone and never, ever, ever ,ever pre-judge anyone!


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Steve Krivda


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