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Video Marketing – 20 Video Creation Ideas
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There are so many way to create a continuous flow of leads for your business. There’s paid advertising, writing articles/blogging and of course video creation. As long as you’re consistent, these strategies will work. Typically where the resistance comes, is coming up with a new topic every time. Especially when the recommendation is to create content 5-7 days a week!

It’s pretty easy to come up with 5-10 right off the top of your head…200 per year can made your head swim.

I’ve taken the liberty to come up with 20 Ideas that will get your 4-5 weeks of Video Creation…

1. Make a Video About Your Goals and Dreams
This is important for a couple reasons. One, you are showing others how to create goals and dreams and you are putting Yours out there. You’re showing others how to go Big. Another, you are moving one step closer to making it real for you. You can also follow up later as you reach these goals so others see what is possible.

2. Mindset Principles
Most are creating “How To” videos, which is awesome! What you will be doing is helping your audience to get in action with your mindset video. Could be a person struggle that you overcame or something you picked up from an audio you heard.

3. Share Where You Purchase Your Marketing Tools
Finding a trusted place to purchase is a big headache. If you are able to show others a trusted purchase location, you be will become a trusted resource. As this happens, your audience will start coming to you to purchase for you.

4. Create a Training For Beginners
The more you learn, the more advanced your training/videos may become. This is great, however, it might be a good idea to include the other 95%. They’ll love you for it.

5. Do a Pros vs Cons Video For A Product
Similar to a product review, you are using your expertise so others don’t have to do the research. Pretty simple. You will also be able to put your affiliate in your review to create a side income.

6. Simple  Screen Capture of a Tool You’re Using
Showing someone how to use something with a simple video is so powerful and useful. People like me will purchase from someone that is using and showing how to use. Be that person.

7. Top 10 Quotes
One of my favorites. I love quotes and so do other driven people. This is a big one that gets shared. Pick a niche or author and put the quotes together and why they are important to you.

8. Top 2-5 Motivational Videos
Let’s face it, videos rock! You can talk about them in your video and put the links in your description. Better yet, point them to your blog post that will hold these videos. Extra blog traffic tip LOL

9. Talk About Your Experiences With Creating Video
This will grab your audience’s attention and draw them in and identify with you. You are also showing what’s possible.

10. Do a Video on Content Creation
This is pretty obvious from this post. LOL

11. Create a Video On Vision
Lots know what they want and keep it in their head. It’s time for you to show them how to bring this vision out and make it real. 

12. Do a Video on What To Avoid
These are powerful, as we are so used to being told what To Do. A lot of times, Lightbulbs will go off. You could save someone from doom.

13. Do a Video on Breaking News in Your Company
It’s a good way to bring people into the realm of your company in a non-resistant way.

14. Do a Video Reviewing Different Companies
You can do one on your own company with a link in the description for those who are looking for more information. You can also do a review and lead the viewer to a Lead Generation System to help them build their current company.

15. Do a Video on Your Lifestyle
It’s important for people to see that you are a human being. it doesn’t have to be sky-diving over the rain-forest. A day where you’re having some fun. Something that others can identify with.

16. Create a Video About Your Entire Industry
It’s important for your audience to see what you’re doing from the inside. There are always assumptions of what you do. Instead of letting other assume what you and your industry is all about, create an authentic video depicting what you do.

17. Create a Spouse Video
This is so powerful. Including your spouse in your marketing allows it to be possible for others. You are showing others what is possible through you. Share the struggles, the highs and the lows and how you both made it work.

18. Create a Video Around a Movie You Watched. How It Pertains To Your Niche
The power here, it’s totally relatable and a great way to teach to a broad audience. Anyone that has seen this movie, automatically feels “Connected To You”

19. Interview Those That Are New In Your Niche
New and exciting is great to get on film. It brings to light that your niche is growing and all you have to do is find excited people. Provide Hope.

20. Interview Those in Your Niche That Have Created Success
I love these interviews. You can to see the successful from the inside and see that they are everyday people that wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. There will be someone in your audience that will take Your Interview and change their entire life!


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