2 Rules I Use To Choose An Affiliate

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2 Rules I Use To Choose An Affiliate

Before I get into how I choose an affiliate I have to tell you what I’m doing. I’m sitting in the car writing this article, take it easy… my wife offered to drive so I could write. She keeps me in line and “Clocked In” LOL. Anyway, I thought it was cool to sit here, write my article, while doing keyword research on my iPhone. HaHa I’m working right now, from the Car, on the way up to Disney World. Isn’t technology awesome?

Alright, back on subject here – Choosing an affiliate program or system. Is it just me or are there a lot of new launches coming out. Like one a month. This can be very confusing to people, especially to the new network marketer. When a launch happens, from a big dog in the industry, the network marketing world goes crazy. They don’t care what it does, they just buy, figuring, if those guys made it, it must be good. While this could be true, there is a danger of burning out your bank account.

Prior to purchasing any affiliate program, you are going to have to ask yourself, why are you purchasing this program or system?

 Let me explain how I chose an affiliate program.

 First and foremost, it has to be something I am going to be able to use to advance my network marketing career. What specific reason am I picking up this program? Obviously it’s going to help me generate more leads but how? Maybe a Facebook PPC course, Copy-Writing course, Solo-Ads course or maybe a magical auto-responder that when someone clicks on it, it reads the credit card numbers in their wallet LOL. You understand what I mean. I make the purchase to help me reach a specific goal.

Is it something that someone I know has used and can get a non-biased review?

Secondly and the bonus part is, can I sell it? How much of a commission will I make and is it residual? Using an affiliate is a great way to make money while building your primary business. Everyone needs more training so why not sell it to other people that may need it. These are quick and easy sales because they are typically low cost and the target market is the network marketer. This market already has the right mindset and understand the value of a good system. Does it come with its own autoresponders, banners and/or written emails – marketing materials.

It may seem that I am picky about the programs that I spend money on. I guess I am. With all the different programs out there and all the new ones coming out, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of the moment. Do your homework on the program you are looking into and make an educated decision instead of acting on emotion.

Your education is going to be the most important part of your network marketing career, remember that, put it first and the rest will fall into place.

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  1. Steven Girard

    All I can say how true of a statement this on you article not to get overwhelmed by it will only take you longer to succeed!

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome Steve, I’m glad you “Get It”

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